About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support students internationally in their pursuit of education by improving their access to resources that will foster academic success. Learning Beyond Borders seeks to develop global citizenship through cross-cultural exchange and through the promotion of awareness about education.

What we do

Learning Beyond Borders forges partnerships with young students in rural Uganda through letters and scrapbook exchanges while also financially supporting their education with the purchase of academic and extracurricular supplies. At present, the three schools we have the opportunity to support and grow with are Kakooga Primary School, Rugaaga Primary School, and Kyakayombya Primary School.


Addressing global inequities in educational opportunities is a component of global development. There are specific philosophies that guide the work of Learning Beyond Borders.

1) Development is more than money and infrastructure - it's about building communities
2) Development is most effective when guided by the needs and aspirations of the community
3) Development needs to be sensitive to the local context and environment
4) Development is a long-term project that must be given time
5) Development comes with opportunities for and challenges that must be overcome to reach more sustainable solutions
6) Development comes with two-way benefits, promoting human development and global citizenship


Learning Beyond Borders was founded in 2007 by high school students at Old Scona Academic High School, under the NGO HEAL International. With help from HEAL, the group works to build cultural connections and support communities through sustainable fundraising with a focus on increasing educational opportunities.

Presently, LBB is in the process of expanding to other institutions across Canada, thus increasing its volunteer base and fundraising successes. Two chapters have been founded at the University of Alberta and University of Calgary, while the original high school club at Old Scona Academic is maintained.



Celebrating Uganda on campus!

The University of Alberta Learning Beyond Borders Club was established in 2015 by OSA Alumni.

Executive Team
President: Amber Rai
Vice President: Ruby Bhutani
Media Development Director: Yiji Zhao
Visual Communications Coordinator: Kia Valdez Bettcher
Sponsorship leads: Amber Rai and Jenna Mulji
Secretary: Keanna Wallace
Treasurer: Tharun Suresh
Event Directors: Aanchal Gupta and Nila Suthaker
Public Relations Officer: William Wei

Contact Us at uofa@learningbeyondborders.com for any further inquiries.

You can also follow us on Twitter @UofA_LBB and Instagram @learningbeyondborders!

Writing letters to our primary school friends!


Hot chocolate sale fundraising event hosted by UofA LBB
Hot chocolate sale fundraising event hosted by UofA LBB



2500 University Dr NW, Calgary, AB

The University of Calgary Learning Beyond Borders Chapter was established in 2015.

Executive Team:
President: Kadin Sayani
Vice President, Marketing: Samiha Hoque
Vice President, Events: Armaan Javer
Vice President, Hockey Operations: Adam Gulamhusein
Vice President, Finance: Ahsan Hemani

Upcoming Events:

  • Fall Semester Samosa Sale
  • Winter Semester Samosa Sale
  • 2024 Learning Beyond Borders Hockey Tournament